I began singing with Sarona from mid-October to December in 2017. I was delighted by the wonderful sounds I was making at the Christmas Concert. I have been singing with Inspirito for about twelve weeks now, and already my singing range has increased. As a result I moved from Alto 1 to Soprano 2, something I thought I would never be able to do this late in life. Sarona’s attention to vocal training and technique, which we practice every week, has made such a difference!

Sarona brings out the feeling in our music with her conducting. It is such a joy to sing with meaning and emotion, and to move as well! Inspirito members continue to bond, and every voice is valued. We are motivated and ready to learn every time we meet. Toby, our fantastic Pianist, lead our rehearsal one evening and he was amazing.

It is truly an inspiration and joy to sing with Inspirito!

Thank you Sarona, Toby and Fellow Choristers.